Sister Parish

St. Matthias’ sister parish is Santa Maria de los Angeles in Arambarri, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Arambarri is a small city located in the Northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, it is located at the southeastern corner of the state.

Originally founded as Santa Maria de los Angeles de Rio Blanco Mission in 1626, its current name honors Jose Silvestri Arambarri, a general involved in the Mexican war of reform.

The city of Arambarri is located in a valley in the Sierra Madre mountain range at an altitude of 3,543 feet with the surrounding mountain peaks extending for an additional 2,624 feet.

The city of Arambarri has grown to 12,000 inhabitants.

Fr. Gerardo’s parish boundaries include 36 small communities scattered throughout the surrounding mountains.

Rough mountain roads pose a challenge to Fr. Gerardo’s missionary outreach.

The faithful generosity of St. Matthias parishioners has made it possible for Fr. Gerardo to obtain a reliable vehicle with which to safely carry out his mission.

These small communities have been helped by the people of St. Matthias. With your generous support, chapels have been built to bring the word of God to these isolated areas.

Many of the villages have been hit hard by the current drought that has plagued the area for the past three years. One village has a well that is 80 meters deep. They had an electric pump to feed water to the community but it broke. They had to resort to unreliable wind power to keep the water flowing.

The women of the community draw water from the well and carry it by hand to their homes. Throughout this time of trial the faith of our brothers and sisters remains strong and hopeful.

Christian formation classrooms were built with funds donated by St. Matthias parishioners. A library of books was made possible by your support.

The bibles used are a gift of love from You, the people of St. Matthias.

Words to live by

En los momentos felices, alabamos Dios.
En los momentos dificiles, buscamos Dios.
En los momentos tranquilos, adoramos Dios.
En los momentos dolorosos, confiamos en Dios.

In happy moments, we praise God.
In difficult moments, we seek God.
In quiet moments, we worship God.
In painful moments, we trust God.

Thank you for all the love and support You have given to us.