10th Grade Christian Formation

10th Grade – The Religious Experience – Come Meet Jesus

In 10th grade students still have a strong dependency on their peer groups. They also become more aware of their inner experiences. This is seen through a greater awareness of the role of their conscience, high interest in moral issues, and greater connection to their intellectual interests.

Our 10th grade program is designed to engage those inner experiences. Students are taught specific things such “Jesus Christ: True God and True Man” and “Jesus’ Death and Resurrection” to help them connect their inner faith life with a personal experience of who Jesus Christ is in their life. Students are then introduced to the importance of liturgy and worship. They will begin to connect the importance of sacrament of the Eucharist to the liturgy of the Mass.

Again students are introduced to more moral issues in which they continue to share their thoughts in light of the teaching of Catholic Church. Students are also shown more of the Catholic Social Teaching and are given the opportunity to connect service and faith.

10th Grade Lesson Schedule 2016-2017


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