11th Grade Confirmation


11th Grade – Confirmation and Mission

Students in 11th grade start to take independence in different areas of their life. They begin to become more concerned with the injustices in life. They have a greater capacity to use reasoning skills and are able to easily articulate their thoughts. Moreover they are action orientated and begin to really piece together their future with their identity.

Our 11th grade program, our immediate preparation for Confirmation, helps students to develop strong action orientated skills by empowering them to take initiative in their faith. Throughout this year students will receive a heavy dose of the importance of the role of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, students will explore topics in faith in relation to the Catholic Church’s missionary activity.

Students will also continue to explore morality issues and how they can advocates for issues in relation to the Catholic Social Teachings. Finally students will be given the opportunity, with the guidance of the catechists and Director, to create and run their own service project. Thus, giving the full empowerment of what it means to live the Catholic faith every day after you get confirmed.

11th Grade Lesson Schedule 2016-2017

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