9th Grade Christian Formation


9th Grade – Who am I?

Students at this age have just begun to seriously think about what their identity is. In the midst of that struggle for identity students are also developing close friendships that will begin to influence their decisions. Moreover students are learning how to think outside the box, and they learn to express themselves through words and actions.

This is where we meet our 9th grade program meets these students. We begin to help them answer that question of identity in the light of their faith. We also have the students meet in small groups, who they follow all the way through the program, which gives them the opportunity to develop close relationships with their Christian peers in hopes they will help support each other.

Students then are gradually introduced to the different themes like “God the Father” and “The Promise of a Messiah.” Students are also introduced to the meaning of sacraments, and will learn the importance of both Baptism and Eucharist. Students in 9th grade will also be introduced to different themes of morality.

Each year students will be given the opportunity to think outside the box and express themselves about how they feel about different moral issues in light of the Catholic faith. Finally students will learn what the Catholic Social Teachings are and do a service project that allows them to put their faith into action while benefiting a great cause.

9th Grade Lesson Schedule 2016-2017

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