Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Although we teach our children in the Catholic faith, often the regular mass and its readings can be difficult for our younger children to understand and comprehend. During each 9:00 am mass, we offer Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Just before the first reading, children in grades K5-5th are invited down to Steiger Hall to hear and experience the readings and gospel of the day, in an age appropriate, engaging and more accessible format. Students are lead by qualified and dedicated leaders who share the readings and their interpretations on how the message can relate to the students’ daily life. Students then participate in an activity to engage their other senses in the Gospel message.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is offered every Sunday at the 9:00 am mass. CLW is a free service and requires no sign up or registration.

To help with Children’s Liturgy of the Word, please contact Nate Friday at or 414-321-0893 ext 406.