Sunday Morning Hall Monitor

St. Matthias needs volunteers for 2 hall monitor positions each week for the Sunday Morning Christian Formation program.  One hall monitor will be positioned in the 62 building and the other in the Beloit Building. This volunteer position will require you to have completed Safeguarding All of God’s Family class. Hall monitor responsibilities include:

  • Going and picking up the sign in sheets from each class and delivering them to the parish office
  • Assisting the catechists by making copies or gathering any last minute supplies they may need
  • Stepping in as a substitute if a catechist is unable to make it last minute. You may not be required to teach but you will be asked to interact with the students and assist the main teacher
  • If a student has misbehaved to a point where they are no longer welcome in the classroom you will be asked to escort the student to the parish office and contact the Director of Faith Formation to come and speak with the student.

To sign up please visit Sign Up Genius and select dates you are available.