Deaf Community

deaflogoPart of the mission at St. Matthias is to minister to the deaf and hard of hearing community. We celebrate mass in sign language every week with interpreters. St. Matthias is also the site of the Archdiocesan Religious Education program for deaf children. The International Catholic Deaf Association (ICDA) meets here monthly, and there is also a signed Bible study for deaf adults. Members of the deaf community reach out to the broader parish by offering sign language classes, performing in a sign language choir, and helping hearing parishioners to be more aware of the deaf culture and language.








ASL Masses in Parish Center/Chapel

(Sundays at 9:00 AM, except when noted)

Jan 1 (New Year’s Day Mass 10:00 AM)

April 13 (Holy Thursday, 7 PM)
April 14 (Good Friday, 7 PM)
April 15 (Easter Vigil, 7:45 PM)
April 16 (Easter, 9 AM)

ASL Interpreted Masses in Church Proper

Jan 15
March 5
March 26
April 2
June 4

March 19

Deaf weekend retreat at retreat center

No Mass for Deaf at St. Matthias Parish