St. Matthias Parish School offers a subsidized tuition rate for active parishioners since they give their time, talent, and treasure to St. Matthias Parish School. Non-parishioners are also welcome at St. Matthias. Tuition payments may be made online through WeShare. Please contact the school office at 414-321-0894 with any questions.

Active parishioner tuition rates:

$ 3,665 – 1 child
$ 6,556 – 2 children
$ 8,900 – 3 children
$ 10,788 – 4 children or more

Non-parishioner tuition rates:

$ 6,100 – 1 child
$ 10,855 – 2 children
$ 14,517 – 3 children
$ 17,266 – 4 children or more

School Fees

All families pay $100 per year to the Home and School Association.

Tuition payments can be made at set intervals throughout the year. St. Matthias Parish School is dedicated to providing the highest quality education for our students. We recognize the sacrifice required to afford tuition, so we have partnered with SMART Tuition to provide several options for families to structure payments. These include payment plans of 12 months, 10 months, quarterly, bi-annually, and a one-time payment.

St. Matthias Parish Endowment Fund is available for families who need assistance. For an application, please contact the school office at 414-321-0894. Applications are due Sept. 30 and March 30.


Year End Tuition Statements:

To all Parents:  You should have received an emailed statement on February 2, 2016, which the body of the email has caused some confusion.  The statement that parents received shows what payments have been made for tuition during the calendar year 2015 as some parents are able to deduct tuition from their WI State tax return so the statement provides you with the payments made and the statement also provides you with St. Matthias’s Tax ID number as well.

If you have set up a tuition plan through Smart Tuition, rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your Smart Tuition payment plan and payments will come out according to the payment plan you established.

Sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.  If there are any questions, please contact Jonathan Richter by email at