Students in K4 through 8th grade wear uniforms, which provide a standard of dress and behavior. Cleanliness and proper dress are important in setting the pattern of school and social conduct, thereby fostering an environment conducive to learning and respectful behavior.

St. Matthias Parish School uniforms can be purchased at The Uniform Place, Sunrise Clothiers, and Lands End. We have a St. Matthias Parish School webpage through Lands End in which you can order your uniforms.

The Home & School also offers a Used Uniform program where uniforms can be purchased for discounted prices. The used uniforms are for sale at our Meet and Greet in August and at any time during the school year. Please stop by the school office.

There are Spirit Days and Out of Uniform Days in which students are allowed to dress down two times a month. $1 Out of Uniform Days are given to local charities.